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Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF)
Airport Fire & Rescue Vehicle
Course Duration: 4 Hours

The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) training course is designed to aid ARFF personnel in meeting the requirements of 14 CFR Part 139 training and familiarize the requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5210-17.

On successful completion of this training, ARFF personnel will have the ability to assist the Flight Crew in evacuating the aircraft in an emergency. They will also have a basic understanding of the aircraft operating systems, emergency equipment locations, and operation of egress equipment.

Course Content:
  1. General Aircraft Safety
  2. External
  3. A. Fuel components, quantities, and HAZMAT concerns
    B. Engine hazard areas
    C. Hydraulic components, locations, quantities, and HAZMAT concerns
    D. Crew oxygen systems
    E. Nitrogen generation system
  4. Fuselage
  5. A. External APU shutoff location
    B. Entry doors and window - operation and cautions
    C. Chop out areas
    D. Nozzle insert points
    E. Cockpit Fire Control Panel operation
    F. Battery location
    G. Electrical system controls
    H. Cargo bin fire suppression system
  6. Cabin
  7. A. Escape slides - operation and cautions
    B. Fire extinguisher - types and locations
    C. Portable oxygen bottles (POBs)
    D. First aid kits
    E. Defibrillator - (AED)
    F. Automatic lavatory fire suppression system