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B737 Systems
737-300 in Hangar

This course provides the Aircraft Maintenance Technician with the basic principals of operation, servicing, detailed normal and non-normal operation and repair of the Boeing 737 Airframe Systems, Powerplant, and Auxiliary Power Unit. Instructors with hands-on 737 NG experience provide the student with detailed troubleshooting information based on known in-service problems. Computer Based Training (CBT) and operational cockpit simulations are utilized in order to enhance the learning experience.

Course Content:
  1. Aircraft general
  2. Electrical system
  3. Hydraulic system
  4. Flight controls
  5. Landing gear
  6. Fire system
  7. Fuel system
  8. Nitrogen generating system
  9. Auxiliary power unit (APU) system
  10. Engine system
  11. Pneumatics system
  12. Air conditioning system
  13. Pressurization system
  14. Equipment furnishings
  15. Boeing Sky Interior
  16. Water and waste system
  17. Doors
  18. Oxygen system
  19. Ice and rain system